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OpTic Gaming are getting better and better with every match at VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen. That’s unfortunate for XSET, who went up against an OpTic in top form during their first match of the event.

The Masters 1 champs bulldozed through an XSET that was struggling to find their collective footing. Outside of Matthew “Cryocells” Panganiban, the rest of the team looked as though they were working through some LAN jitters during the best of three.

“I just think we didn’t settle early enough today,” XSET’s in-game leader Rory “dephh” Jackson said in a post-match press conference. “Hopefully we get a chance to play them again.”

OpTic Copenhagen
OpTic Gaming poses onstage at VALORANT Champions Tour: Stage 2 Masters. | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff. Provided by Riot Games.

For OpTic, the match against XSET was personal; the two teams faced multiple times during the North American Challengers event leading up to Masters Copenhagen. Ultimately, XSET came out on top during the grand finals, securing first seed and a quick trip to playoffs in Copenhagen.

“I had COVID the last time I played against them and I think I had the worst series of my career because of it,” OpTic’s in-game leader Pujan “FNS” Mehta said. “Going into this match, I personally had something to prove. I didn’t want to lose again to them and I wanted it to be set in stone that we’re the better team when we’re all healthy and ready to go.”

And boy, were OpTic ready. Everyone on the team stepped up and delivered punch after punch. Now, OpTic advance to the upper bracket semifinals where they go up against DRX. OpTic head coach Chet “Chet” Singh believes that DRX are their single greatest opposition at Masters Copenhagen.

“The biggest obstacle for us is DRX because they just have a good play style,” he said. “If we beat them, I think we have a very good chance to make the repeat and win again.”

DRX stax
Kim “stax” Gu-taek of DRX reacts onstage after victory match at the VALORANT Champions Tour: Stage 2 Masters Playoffs Stage on July 15, 2022. | Photo by Lance Skundrich. Provided by Riot Games.

Chet’s not alone in keeping his eye on DRX at this event. While the top Korean squad always draws attention, they usually fail to deliver in the big moments. There’s reason to believe that at Masters Copenhagen, it may be a different story.

“I’ve watched them a lot and I think this time around they come off less structured than before, which is a positive thing for them,” Chet said. “I think it’s going to be a very tight match. The veto is going to be very important against that team.”

While OpTic battle the Korean juggernauts, XSET is on their last life in the lower bracket — there, they face Leviatán.

“We do have some experience [from] online scrimming against them,” XSET’s head coach Don “SyykoNT” Muir said. “We know what they’re capable of; where their strengths and weaknesses lie.”

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