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OG Esports have announced their 2022 VALORANT roster Thursday. The five-person team is an all French lineup, in contrast to the team’s previous all international lineups.

The roster includes ThΓ©o “OniBy” Tarlier (who played for the team back in March of 2021), Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson (the only player to stay with the team after OG signed the free agent team Monkey Business in February of 2021), and new additions Joey “fxy0” Schlosser, Mathieu “LaAw” Plantin and Elian “MateliaN” Romagnoli.

Fans last saw OG at the VALORANT Champions Tour Europe Stage 3 Challengers 2 open qualifiers. OG have gone through two previous roster iterations before these recent signings and they released their former roster approximately two months prior. The organization has also been under fireΒ for shady practices around signing players to its VALORANT squad.

OG Esports have not seen VCT main event play since Stage 1, when the team participated in Challengers 1 as Monkey Business, and Challengers 2 and 3 as an officially signed squad. The team missed out on Masters 1 contention at Challengers 2 and 3 by losing to both Team Heretics and Raise Your Edge (now Acend) in the closed qualifier stage. Since then, OG VALORANT have not been relevant in the wider landscape of European VALORANT, bowing out in open qualifier after open qualifier for VCT events and not competing in third-party events outside of the main circuit.

Meet the OG VALORANT roster for 2022

An original player in the OG lineup, uNKOE is a former Overwatch player and mainly stuck to Controllers and Sentinels for the squad. OniBy is a flex player who recently put time into Sage and Sova on the free agent team Bonsoir before OG resigned him. On that Bonsoir lineup was LaAw, who mainly plays controllers but can also flex to Sova and the occasional Reyna. Rounding out the roster is MateliaN and fxy0. MateliaN had a short stint on Bonsoir and has played for multiple French speaking amateur teams. He has logged time on 11 different agents and his most played is Sova. Fxy0 looks to be the team’s main Duelist player, as the only agent he has played professionally, according to VLR.gg, is Jett.

The organization will play in the upcoming VCT 2022 qualifiers, which kick off on Jan. 10.