NRG win Day 5 of NA ALGS Split 2 Pro League
NRG won NA ALGS Split 2 Day 5 with 86 point
NRG won NA ALGS Split 2 Day 5 with 86 point | Provided by ALGS

NRG win Day 5 of NA ALGS Split 2 Pro League

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On Saturday, ALGS Pro League Split 2 competition continued with Groups B and D facing off; NRG played several excellent games and won the day’s lobby with 86 points. Groups B and D include several teams from the Challengers Circuit, alongside giants of the scene like Sentinels, Spacestation Gaming, Complexity and the day’s victor’s, NRG.

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NRG win Day 5 of NA ALGS Split 2 Pro League

Following their strong performance on Day 3 of NA ALGS Split 2 Pro League, NRG kept up their form and actually surpassed their last game day, racking up a total of 86 points and 45 kills as a squad. Nathan “Nafen” Nguyen and Chris “sweet” Sexton came in second and third place on the kills leaderboard with 16 and 15 kills, respectively, while Aidan “rocker” Grodin placed just a bit lower at 14.

NRG’s success was in part thanks to their ability to string wins together. They managed to take consecutive victories in Match 3 and 4, giving them a solid foundation of placement points to bolster with their high kill count. Beyond that, NRG did an excellent job ensuring their placements in general. Even when they weren’t winning, they were consistently placing high, only dropping below top five for two out of the six games. Combining that with their exceptional kill count, and NRG had a recipe for success on Day 5.

Other, slightly unexpected teams also had a  strong showing during Day 3. Unlucky took Match 1 with nine kills as a squad and E8 took Match 2 with six. Rising stars Dubblyew took the final two games of the series, putting them in the lobby’s second place behind NRG with 72 points.

ALGS competition for North America will continue on Sunday at 5 p.m ET with Groups A and C taking each other on. These groups feature heavy hitters like TSM, Esports Arena, G2, 100 Thieves and Team Liquid, so fans should expect plenty of action going into Day 6.