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New GameCube-style controllers will be available for Nintendo Switch with themes to match

Nintendo fans will remember the days of old where the GameCube controller dominated. Arguably one of the best controllers ever made, Nintendo announced at E3 it would be making one for the Switch. But they won’t be the only players. PDP and Hori have revealed they’ll be making controllers of their own.

Super Smash players have almost always opted for the GameCube controller over any developed since the launch of the cube 17 years ago. Nintendo planned for this. The Wii came with slots to add the original GameCube devices. With the release of the Wii U, many fans purchased the 4-port GameCube adapter which game with the limited edition. This adapter featured a USB plug-in which can be fitted to both the Wii U and Switch. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the horizon, if you don’t already have an old GameCube controller sitting around, here’s a few options.

Nintendo’s official controller

At E3, Nintendo announced it would be releasing a GameCube-style controller to coincide with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Both will be available in December this year. The Nintendo official controller still carries the original GameCube port. Therefore, an adapter is required to plug into the Switch. You can use the same one you purchased with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U or get your hands on a new one.

The GameCube-style Switch rebooted controllers feature some nice new additions. There are more buttons in the middle of the controller to help navigate the Switch. It’s also been reported there will be lights to show your player number, as well as additional shoulder pads.

PDP GameCube-style controller

PDP’s version of the GameCube controller has kept the original look and style, but it’s added a few features. Their controller borrows some functionalities from the Xbox Elite Controller and introduces an interchangeable C-Stick. Players can choose from a full-sized stick or the smaller yellow C-Stick. They have also included four dedicated shoulder buttons: ZL, L, ZR, and R. These will ensure the controller is compatible with a range of Switch titles, as well as being a better fit for modern-style fighting games.

Additionally, the controller ditches the original GameCube port in place of USB connection. Since the Switch only has two USB ports, you’ll need an adapter to play with more people. Finally, PDP is releasing the controllers in themes – Pikachu, Link, and Mario!

PDP GameCube controller
PDP’s controllers are available in yellow, blue, and red (Image: Nintendo Switch News)

Hori officially licensed controller

Hori’s controllers are very similar to PDP’s. These, however, feature a transparent finish in comparison to PDP’s block look. Whilst Hori’s are available in the same themes – Pikachu, Link, and Mario – the logos are different. Nintendo has officially licensed the Hori controller. The GameCube-style controllers are lightweight and have textured handles. This will come in handy, as it allows for a better grip while playing Super Smash Bros.

GameCube Hori controller
Hori’s officially licensed controllers are available in red, yellow, and black (Image: Hori_Official)

Controllers for all

These controllers are loved by casual gamers and professional players alike. This is a testament to their ergonomic design makes and the main reason they’ve stayed in circulation.

Final prices of the GameCube-style controllers have not yet released. You can probably bet that Nintendo’s will cost you a little more than the Hori or PDP controller. And if you’re a die-hard Nintendo fan, you might want to show off your love of the game with the themed controllers. I can’t wait till I get my hands on one. I think I’ll choose Pikachu!