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The latest big update for Nintendo’s hit title Super Smash Bros. Ultimate added what we originally reported on, the Stage Builder option, along with Joker DLC at last. Now with that, of course, some users were going to take their creativity to extremes. They began building stages that were not only interesting but inappropriate as well. On the first day of the stage builder being online, Nintendo began banning these stages. They appreciate creativity, but any stage that resembles something vulgar will be removed.

Of course, we were bound to see users being silly and downright dirty. It comes with the ability to give users the freedom to create their own custom stages. What we have to remember is that Nintendo is trying to be for everyone, including families, so no doubt they don’t want questionable content on the Smash servers.

Examples of questionable stages

Two particular stages were circulating online before they were taken down by Nintendo, “Mario Pissing” and “Climax” respectively. As soon as version 3.0 went live, people did not waste time being naughty. The two in question are shown down below and are pretty self-explanatory. Nintendo for sure has its hands full this week and perhaps should have had something in place to monitor stage building.

Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate banning inappropriate Stage Builder content in version 3.0
Source: Resetera

I suspect that Nintendo will be releasing a patch very soon that adds a screening system, such as when a user creates a questionable stage name. For those wanting to get creative, perhaps save those “unique” stages for your own personal viewing before uploading them online. Smash may have given us the freedom to finally make our own crazy stages, but there are definitely limits to your creativity one should keep in mind. Let us know in the comments how you are enjoying Stage Builder and the rest of 3.0 so far.