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All of the rumors and secrecy appear to be ending today with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins set to make a big announcement. Ninja has been at the center of one particular rumor since his move from Twitch to Mixer. In his introductory press conference, the streamer was seen wearing a classic Adidas hoodie. As this was going to be seen by millions, Ninja obviously knew what he was doing wearing a branded piece of clothing. Ninja is teasing that he is set to make his new sponsorship with Adidas public.

Ninja and Adidas partnering up

Though nothing is official yet, this deal is all but public knowledge. Not only has it been a rumor for weeks, but Ninja himself also leaked it on his YouTube. The video was accidentally uploaded by the Mixer star, but it was titled “Ninja x Adidas: Time In.”

Pair this with the fact that Ninja was wearing an Adidas hoodie in his Mixer announcement and you’ve got 99 percent confirmation. However, there is also another piece of evidence linking the two titans together.

In his short teaser video from yesterday, there is some text at the end of the video. The font of this text will be instantly recognizable if you’re a fan of sportswear.

Starting at 8 seconds into the video, the words “tomorrow 2pm ct” appear on the screen. The font of these words is the classic Adidas font they use in their commercials and on their clothing. Adidas is the second-largest sportswear company in the world behind Nike, so this font is unmistakable.

While we will officially find out today at 2 p.m. CT, an Adidas sponsorship for Ninja is coming. This will be Adidas’ first solo esports sponsorship, though they’ve partnered with several esports organizations previously. It’s currently unclear what this deal exactly means for both sides.

What do you think about Ninja and Adidas teaming up? Keep up with Daily Esports for all updates on this story.

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