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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the massively popular Twitch streamer and personality, announced he would be hosting part of a competition earlier this month. The competition, which was endorsed by Epic Games, was named the Creative World Cup. The event has taken place during the Fortnite World Cup.

Ninja’s portion of the competition consisted of a map where the objective was for players to create the best trick shots and submit it to him for judging. On May 28, Ninja revealed that he had decided on the three winners. The winners consist of FaZe Clan member Kaz, Talon “Taldak723” Roberts, and TacoWithAWeirdT.

Creative World Cup finalists

In the video, Ninja mentions how there were over 2,500 submissions. He had to narrow down these submissions to three winners who are the finalists. They will then compete for a prize pool at the Fortnite World Cup Creative Competition. Each of the finalists receives a prize of $5,000.00 USD as well as a guaranteed spot in the finale.

The submissions were judged upon the complexity of the trick shot. Different factors that include the number of targets hit, distances of targets between the player, and creativity were all factored into the judging period.

The Creative World Cup will take place along with the Fortnite World Cup in New York City. This event will take place between July 26 and 28. The total prize pool the finalists are competing for is $3 million.

Creative Competition submissions

According to the official rules, there are multiple entry periods. Ninja was the judge for this third of five periods. Three finalists are picked per entry period, to a total of 15. Clips submitted for Ninja’s portion had to be 30 seconds in length and must be taken in-game, rather than a replay of the trick shot. The creative trick shots also had to be completed without the help of others. Players were required to use the given custom map to do their trick shot, which for Ninja’s map can be found using the code: 3167-1929-0681.

Players start in the Ninja Training Dojo where they are given a tutorial on the rules. They are then told which different items they can use to hit trick shots. The elemental bosses are also introduced and players learn where their “weak points” are.

Once that is said and done, players had to think of their own complicated trick shot routine. Players can view all other submissions by searching up “#NinjaCreativeTrials” on Twitter.

The fourth creative trial will be judged by Gotaga. Have you entered to give it a shot?