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Nightingale looks set to be the next survival title to take the gaming community by storm, but console players on PS5 and Xbox Series X are wondering if they will be able to get in on the action come release day.

It’s been a big year for open-world survival games already, with Palworld breaking Steam records, and Enshrouded capturing the imagination of gamers too. Next up, Inflexion Games is bringing its survival title to market in the form of Nightingale, where players travel to procedurally-generated realms to fight enemies.

We already know that Nightingale’s release date has been moved up, allowing us to jump in earlier, but will those who own consoles be able to join in too? Here’s what we know.

A Nightingale player, holding a wooden stick, standing in a field of yellow grass in front of multiple wooden buildings.
Console players want to know if they can get in on the action. Image via Inflexion Games

Is Nightingale available on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

No, Nightingale is not available on PS5 or Xbox Series X. It is also not available on the last-gen consoles such as the PS4 or Xbox One.

This was confirmed by developers Inflexion Games in an FAQ page on the game’s website, where they wrote: “Nightingale is currently PC only.” This means the only places to get the game on launch day are Steam or the Epic Games Store.

Unfortunately, the developers didn’t make any mention of the game coming to consoles in the future either. While some have pointed out that by saying “currently,” there’s a chance it could come in the future, it seems odd not to specifically say that if plans are in the works.

Still, it’s always possible that once Inflexion has gotten Nightingale into a place on PC that they are happy with, they could then bring it to consoles in a better condition. We’ll be sure to keep this article updated with any information we get from Inflexion and will keep our fingers crossed in the meantime.