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With the community in arms during the FaZe Clan and Turner “Tfue” Tenney situation, Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff also left 100 Thieves. Both parties made similar statements upon their respective departures on Twitter. However, afterward additional details were given by Nickmercs on his Twitch stream that suggested there was more to the story and his relationship with Nadeshot.

Conflict with 100 Thieves

The North American esports organization 100 Thieves started out as a joint venture between Nadeshot and Nickmercs. Nick said the main reason he joined the organization and moved to LA was to grow his brand as well. However, he mentions how things didn’t go according to plan, which tied into his leaving.

“We went out there. The plan was for me to grow and in turn grow 100 Thieves. That was my role. And he made some promises to me, as a friend, [about] how we were going to do it and how he was going to take care of me,” Nick said. “And it didn’t just end up happening. I don’t hate the guy; I definitely don’t hate him, but I don’t like him. He and I are not cool — we’ll never be cool. I don’t want nothing to do with him. I’ll never do business with him. I’ll never sit down at a table with him ever again.”

He later goes on to say, “You go through life and you literally learn things. Are they doing good things at 100 Thieves? Yeah…” Nickmercs agrees that the esports organization is doing good things and heading toward a good direction. Nonetheless, he feels that he didn’t get his part of the bargain because the organization went in a different direction.

Promises with Nickmercs not kept

“But for me, when you give me your word, you promise certain things as a friend and business partner. I put years into something we started, then everything changes, and I don’t get what I was promised, a guy has problems with it,” Nick goes on to say. “It sucks. It’s not the best situation and might not be what you guys want to hear, but it is the truth and it is what it is.”

Repeating what he discussed before, Nickmercs explains how they originally agreed on something. Because the organization branched from a smaller organization consisting of mostly content creators to also professional teams, changes were made.

The first appearance of 100 Thieves came with video “Starting my own Team?” on Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag’s channel in April of 2016. Nick later goes on to talk about how he represented the organization for these past few years when he could have gone to another org.

Understanding of Nadeshot’s side

Nickmercs follows up this statement, explaining why he thinks that the promises weren’t fulfilled. He talks about Nadeshot’s experience as an organization owner and how it was his first time in this sort of venture. Since Nadeshot was taking his first steps into owning an esports organization, he had a hard time getting used to the environment. He also made other decisions that didn’t agree with Nick’s original goals for the organization.

“He hasn’t had a lot of experience being CEO, and [with] me going through that with him, I saw a lot of the stresses that he went through being the CEO. It’s tough,” Nick says. “You’ve got a lot of people that confide in you and need you to make executive decisions. It’s tough and I get it.”

He goes on to describe how he knows what Nadeshot went through as he is also a “boss” of his own. “Sometimes you have to make a tough call. It’s part of the game,” Nick goes on. “[However] he failed to do that with me. It doesn’t mean he failed it with everyone or that everyone [at 100 Thieves] is being treated horribly. It’s not the case. But with me, he failed to make it right.”

Do you think NickMercs will join another esports organization? Why or why not?

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