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Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff announced on Twitter this morning that he would be leaving 100 Thieves. The move comes to a big surprise to the Fortnite community. Kolcheff joined 100 Thieves back in May of 2016 as one of the founding members of the organization and has spent years helping to facilitate its growth.

Official Announcement

Nickmercs had taken some time off from streaming recently, spending time at home with his family and enjoying the break. This reprieve was no surprise, as Nick closed on a house in Michigan this past April. He had been planning the move from Los Angeles back to Michigan for some time now.

Then, on the morning of May 24, Nickmercs announced he would be leaving 100 Thieves, effective immediately.

The timing of this move may be surprising, but Nickmercs moving on from the organization is not. He has grown his personal brand quite a bit over the past few years. Honestly, he doesn’t really need the support of 100 Thieves to play Fortnite competitively anymore. Nick’s departure makes sense as he looks to improve the quality of his life and spend more time with those close to him.

100 Thieves wished him the best on the way out. “Thank you @NICKMERCS for being an integral part of 100 Thieves in our early stages,” the organization tweeted. It’s certainly a more amicable split than some players have seen lately.

What’s next?

There were already rumors floating around that Nickmercs was ready to move on. Kolcheff has been hinting on his stream that he would like to move back to Michigan. Back in April, he tweeted that he had closed on a home in Michigan. He has been preparing for the move since.

Earlier this week, Nickmercs released a new “Homecoming Collection” of apparel. This is likely the start of him continuing to build his brand after leaving 100 Thieves. It remains to be seen what the content creator will do next. Either way, he is moving on and moving forward.

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