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The latest Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl update is now available on PC and the developers have shared the new patch notes via Steam. Some of the most notable changes include the addition of dash dancing and an increase to the game’s global directional influence window.

With this new patch, characters in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl will immediately run in the opposite direction after turning around out of a run. As a result, players can repeat this action multiple times in a row in order to dash dance. However, beginning a dash dance creates a 15 frame window wherein the character cannot dash attack.

The DI window has increased from 10 degrees to 16 degrees. This gives players greater control over the distance their character is launched after taking a hit. In addition, certain characters’ recovery moves have been fixed so that they act as expected after they leave the launch state.

The latest update also includes a handful of other universal changes. These include a fix for online frame rate drops while playing on Rooftop Rumble, Royal Woods Cemetery and Traffic Jam, as well as the removal of a glitch that causes CPU opponents to freeze on Ghost Zone.

Additionally, a couple of changes have been made to bouncing projectiles, such as Ren & Stimpy’s Log from Blammo!, Cat’s Hairball and Toph’s fully-charged Boulder Hurl. While these projectiles will no longer last indefinitely, they can now bounce off of walls instead of immediately disappearing upon touching a wall.

Character changes in the latest Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl patch

The newest Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl patch introduced a handful of character buffs and nerfs. Notably, Aang was among the affected characters. The developers removed the outermost hitboxes of Aang’s neutral-air. To compensate, they increased the speed multiplier on his down special.

“The Aang down special buff represents my design philosophy of never strictly nerfing a character,” developer Thaddeus “Rep” Crews said in Ludosity’s Discord server. “I absolutely refuse to make a patch where a character only receives explicit nerfs, because that’s no fun.”

Lucy Loud, Ren & Stimpy and Danny Phantom all received adjustments to their down specials as well. These moves now have lower base knockback, making them less likely to kill at low percent. However their knockback gain has increased, making them more likely to kill at high percent.

The newest patch also targeted Michelangelo, who was banned from Super Smash Con: Fall Fest’s Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl event on account of his infinite neutral-air loops. The developers have increased the launch angle of his neutral-air, decreased its stun and increased its stun gain. They also fixed his up-air so that it can hit airborne opponents properly.

Beyond these changes, the developers also fixed a handful of bugs affecting Patrick, Toph, Korra, Zim, Helga and Oblina. Notably, Patrick’s change is a buff as his command input will now activate super armor as intended. Conversely, Oblina’s fixes represent a slight nerf. The developers removed the unintentional lingering hitbox on her down-air and the misplaced hitbox on her strong down-air.