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The Heroes of the Storm Nexomania event has returned with new skins, mounts, and rewards. Nexomania first occurred in the Nexus back in 2018, where Garrosh and Diablo duked it out against Lunara and Sonya in the announcement trailer. In the game, these heroes received unique skins in celebration of the event. Players who completed their chosen quest line also received sprays, portraits, and the El Guapo announcer.

In this round of Nexomania, Heroes of the Storm players will once again get to show off their favorite character loadouts as they battle against opponents and complete quests. In addition to more skins for Diablo, E.T.C., Kharazim, Garrosh, Lunara, and Sonya, it will also be time for Imperius, Mal’ganis, and Li Li to shine.

For players who cannot get enough of the adorable Luchihuahua mount, this too will return with a new variation called Luchihuahua Championship. Did you know that the mount is based on a dog named Ellie? She is 25% Chihuahua and also the voice actor behind the mount.

To accompany Luchihuahua, Heroes of the Storm will also see other new mounts that feature animals. These include Pignata variations, which result in a mini-explosion of colorful confetti after a player dismounts, as well as the new Raton De Batalla and Pumped Up Pato mounts.

Nexomania returns to Heroes of the Storm with new rewards mc tombstone
New rewards from the Heroes of the Storm Nexomania 2 event. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Overseeing the packed arena will be the MC Tombstone announcer, who will cheer players on when they achieve multiple kills and caution them if forts are lost to the opposing team.

The Nexomania 2 announcement arrives alongside Mei’s reveal as the Nexus’ newest champion, as well as the new Nexus Anomalies.

Players can jump into the Heroes of the Storm‘s Public Test Realm to check out these new additions before they go live on the week of June 23.

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