Heroes of the Storm's latest patch is live, contains Rehgar rework
Heroes of the Storm live with latest patch and Rehgar rework
Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes of the Storm’s latest patch is live, contains Rehgar rework

There are a few differences between Rehgar's PTR and live notes
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The latest Heroes of the Storm patch is live, with a Rehgar rework and more changes. The orc shaman also witnesses a few differences between his PTR and live notes, which we’ll go over.

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According to Blizzard, it has been a while since Rehgar received major changes. The rework includes baseline updates and talent updates. While Rehgar received new talents, some of his other talents also got shifted around. He also received a new activated trait, Purge, which lets him help out allies or snare enemies.

Rehgar in his Heroes of the Storm introduction cinematic
Rehgar in his Heroes of the Storm introduction cinematic. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

PTR versus live notes

At the base level, Purge now has a cooldown of 45 seconds. Meanwhile, Rehgar’s level 1 talent, Grounded Totem [E], can reduce the spell power of enemy heroes by 20%.

When Rehgar reaches level 4, he can select the Healing Totem [E] talent to increase its healing from 2% to 2.5% maximum health per second.

As for level 7, Purification [D] can refund 40% of Purge’s cooldown. The talent also micro-cleanses and heals allies.

Rehgar's Earthbind Totem in Heroes of the Storm
Rehgar’s Earthbind Totem. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Wellspring [E] at level 13 can now heal for 35% of its normal value. When used, the Earthbind Totem casts Chain Heal toward a nearby ally every few seconds.

While there are no changes between the PTR and live notes for Rehgar’s level 16 talents, the shaman does get an update on a level 20 passive. Pit Fighter [passive] grants Rehgar and nearby allies 4% spell power and 10% attack damage. This can stack and significantly refresh the cooldown of Purge.

More Heroes of the Storm

Alongside these updates to Rehgar, healer and support heroes Auriel, Brightwing, Stukov, Tyrande and Zarya received changes as well. The tank and bruiser heroes who also saw changes include Johanna, Dehaka and Imperius. As for ranged assassins, the updates encompass Falstad, Jaina, Junkrat, Lunara, Probius and Raynor.

Moreover, healing wells are now invulnerable. This means a well can only be destroyed after its nearby fort, or keep, gets taken down. Standalone wells on the Battlefield of Eternity and Braxis Holdout maps can be destroyed when both keeps are demolished.

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