New VALORANT skin line, Doodle Buds, drops April 13
Doodle Buds
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New VALORANT skin line, Doodle Buds, drops April 13

The skins feature crossovers to other Riot Games properties

While VALORANT skin releases have slowed down in recent weeks, the newest Doodle Buds skin line is set to release Wednesday, according to a Twitter post. All the skins are decorated with “doodle” style drawings of characters from various Riot Games properties.

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The Doodle Buds line doesn’t appear to have different gun sounds/effects, but it does have a cool effect where the skin changes with every kill. As seen in the video, each subsequent kill fills in the doodles until the whole skin is colored in.

The Phantom skin will also feature different variants where the doodles themselves are different. The default variant appears to have VALORANT agents like Chamber, Viper, Astra and more. Other variants show League of Legends crossovers. Champions Kai’Sa, Teemo and Gwen are among those featured on the second skin variant. Lastly, the final “Tactifriends” variant shows a lot of cute, cuddly friends associated with Riot Games properties.

The new Doodle Buds line will feature skins for the Phantom, Shorty, Stinger, Marshall and Ares, according to earlier leaks from @ValorLeaks. There will also be Doodle Buds player cards that fully display the art and all the different characters featured on the skins.

There is not yet any word on the price point of the skins, but the expectation is that it will be beneath the high premium Valorant Point price associated with lines that feature all the sound effects, gun effects and finishers.

Doodle Buds social reactions

Fans of VALORANT have never been stingy with the criticisms they level at the skins released for the game. In the case of Doodle Buds, fan opinion appears to be divided with some appreciating the simple but clever design while others are less impressed.

VALORANT is a tactical first-person shooter released by Riot Games, the developers behind League of Legends.

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