New Shockwave Grenade and Ace Starter Pack arrive in Fortnite this week

New Shockwave Grenade and Ace Starter Pack arrive in Fortnite this week

An in-game message in Fortnite confirms the new Shockwave Grenade item is coming to the game as part of Tuesday’s weekly update. Previously leaked in a data mine last week, this item appears to resemble the current Impulse Grenade. Based on the description from Epic Games, the new Shockwave Grenade appears to have modified distance and fall damage stats. The in-game flavor text reads, “Send yourself, allies, or enemies flying like a human cannonball! Grants immunity to fall damage.”

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While it may seem odd for such a similar item to be added, it fits Epic’s pattern of updates this season. With every new update, each weapon category continues to grow in terms of options available. We’ve already received two new SMGs, a new shotgun, and a new sniper rifle over the past two months. Now, Epic seeks to diversify the utilities available to players. We’ll see the exact differences once the update goes live tomorrow.

Image courtesy of FortniteInsider

New starter pack: Ace Skin, Swag Bag Backbling, and V-Bucks

Furthermore, a listing on the United Arab Emirates Playstation Store confirms that the Ace Starter Pack will also be part of this week’s update. Though listed for $5.99 in the UAE store, the starter pack will likely cost $4.99 USD and includes the Ace Skin, Swag Bag Backbling, and a bonus of 600 V-Bucks. It replaces the previous Wingman pack. These packs serve as entryways for new players to receive limited-time cosmetics and in-game currency at a low cost. Unlike the items in the daily store, these packs are available for a few weeks at a time. Furthermore, $4.99 is an easier cost to swallow in comparison to some of the individual skins, which can reach up to $20 USD in price.

What do you think about the new items? Epic Games states there will be no server downtime with Tuesday’s update, so it’s unlikely that we’ll receive many other changes this week. Considering the delay with last week’s update, it makes sense for them to take it easy this time around. Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to let us know if you plan on getting the new Ace Starter Pack.