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Yet another Planeswalker is joining the Magic: The Gathering universe. This time it’s a shapeshifter by the name of Oko. He is a Fey, and like many Fey, he likes to play cruel pranks on people. He can use his shapeshifting ability to enhance these pranks, using it to pretend to be a loved one or a friend.

Oko’s home plane is one in which the mischievousness of the Fey is suppressed. However, as he possesses such a power, he was naturally a mischief-maker. In an attempt to negate his power, the ruling class of his plane attempted to remove it from him surgically. Instead, they only succeeded in igniting his spark. Now he wanders throughout the universe, distrustful of authority and eager to play pranks.

Planeswalker Oko

Card speculation

While we do know he will be included in the set Throne of Eldraine, Oko’s card has not yet been revealed. Still, we can speculate on some of the attributes of his Planeswalker card. Most Fey tend to be Blue and/or Black in color. He is also extremely mischievous, so I could see him easily being either Black or Dimir in color.

Based on the current trend on Planeswalker design, he will probably have a plus that builds advantage and a minus that protects him somehow. Most likely, his minus ability will create an illusion creature token of some kind, and his plus will involve drawing you a card. It is possible he could have a 0 ability that lets you make him a copy of a creature somewhere. After all, he is a shapeshifter.

However, until the set releases, this is all just speculation. What do you think of Oko? What do you think his new abilities will be? Let us know down in the comments below! And, if you’re interested in the Planeswalker, you should check out Forbes’ exclusive interview.