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Nothing is off limits in the first major Fortnite event of 2020, Love and War. This community-made Search and Destroy limited time event brings new outfits, challenges, and weapons to the game.

All is fair…

In Love and War, two teams of six players will take turns attacking and then defending their area of the map. The first team to reach four wins takes the match, with a cap of seven rounds. Attackers must team up to destroy the bomb or eliminate the enemy team to win, while defenders have to protect their bombsite at all costs.

Players online are comparing the event to Counter-Strike, so those familiar with the classic shooter will have a little advantage over other players.

Players will earn gold by finishing a round, killing enemies, and completing objectives. The gold can then be used to purchase weapons, shields, and more building material. Gold will carry between rounds but resets once players switch sides.

Fortnite Love and War

Along with the new game mode, Fortnite will have new cosmetics to unlock and purchase during the event. Players can expect to get a free pickaxe called the Twilight Strikers, a skateboard style, emotes, and more. Players also have the opportunity to earn 60,000 XP for completing their challenges. The full list of challenges are available before the event launches, courtesy of data miner FortTory:

Love and War is expected to be the last event until Chapter 2 Season 2 releases February 20; the season was already delayed earlier this year. This event is also the first after the v11.50 patch, which brought Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system to the game. The patch also included a Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey themed skin and event.

Fortnite‘s Love and War event starts February 6 and will continue until February 11. For all your Fortnite news make sure to follow Daily Esports and leave a comment below with all the loot you earn!