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For Honor‘s Marching Fire update has released, to critical acclaim. From the new heroes to the ambitious changes in gear dynamic, this hybrid fighter game evolved pretty significantly. The arbitrary stat boosts are gone, replaced by actual ability-altering figures. For Honor‘s also gotten a full graphical overhaul across the spectrum. Then there’s the new game mode – Breach – which is very popular. Here’s the full scoop.

For Honor Perks
No more gear stats. Now we have perks!

Perks changed with For Honor expansion

Before Marching Fire, For Honor had gear stats. These were attributes from armor and weapons that increased base stats, such as health and defense. They also could improve revenge gained and damage the player deals from blocking. This has changed rather dramatically in Marching Fire. Gear stats are now replaced with Perks. In contrast to gear stats, perks are only activated with the proper gear combination. The stats are always consistent, but they aren’t available in all game modes.

How’s the new system work?

Gear will allocate different points toward certain perks. When a perk accumulates enough points, it becomes active. Perks operate on a static basis, meaning that more points into one will not improve it. All perks can be used in pairs, but the highest level gear can activate three at once. Gear at the default level only activates one perk at a time.

Perks 2
Perks can increase a Hero’s offensive and defensive viability.

Marching Fire introduces a total of 21 perks. There are seven offensive perks, seven defensive perks, and seven assistance perks. Every Hero starts with a different combination of seven from every category. No need to worry about what current gear a player’s hero is wearing, either. The expansion has converted all existing gear over to the new system. Gear that players have not equipped will be given random perks based on their quality level.

Gear can also be upgraded even further now – with gear receiving two diamond upgrades instead of one. Refine is now at level four instead of two as well.

For Honor Warden perks
A full list of perks for each Hero can be found in the gear selection menu.

So wait, how exactly do perks work on gear in For Honor?!

Each piece of gear awards points towards one or two perks, the amount determined by the gear rarity. Each gear perk can be upgraded and refined individually, as well. Gear has five upgrade steps, and some gear looted by scavenging the battlefield will have pre-upgraded steps already.

Epic and Legendary gear, as well, can be refined. Epic gear has two refine steps, which are divided between different Perks. With Legendary, gear can either have two or four steps. Refining gear, much like gear stats before, strengthens Perks and allows for more powerful combinations.

Thumbnails will now show icons and upgrade steps for each piece of gear. Players can now also see the different Perks of their allies by hitting the Hero Overview. They can also see them via the Face Off and scoreboard in-game.

Perks menu
Perks are fully transparent now, unlike gear stats.

Why the big change?

The Ubisoft team wanted to introduce a higher degree of complexity to gear and its viability in game modes. They feel that Perks will allow players to custom-tailor their characters to their individual playstyles. Perks bring a degree of transparency to just how much gear can affect a match. It also ensures that players can assess and react to specific Perks accordingly.

As opposed to gear stats, Perks also allow newer players to compete more fairly with veterans of For Honor.

What are your thoughts on Marching Fire so far? Do you love Perks? Hate them? Let us know!