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The new VALORANT Champions 2022 Collection will contain a Phantom, butterfly knife, trophy card, buddy and spray, Riot Games announced.

Like the Champions Vandal from 2021, the Phantom will glow if the user has the top kills in the game. It also has a new feature of “evolving” every five kills up to a maximum of 25. The Champions Phantom will also have a custom model change and custom firing audio.

Based on the trailer, the Phantom’s finisher is not too far off the giant Brimstone in the sky that was the Vandal’s finisher. Instead, players can look up and see a giant, gold Champions trophy.

The Champions butterfly knife also has a special Easter egg that triggers if you’re top-fragging and have at least 25 kills. As seen in the trailer, while spectating the knife, a model of the Champions trophy will appear floating above the player’s left hand.

Players can pick up the Champions 2022 Collection from Aug. 23rd to 5 p.m. ET on Sept. 21. During that time, 50% of net proceeds will go to participating teams. Unlike other bundles, items from the Champions Collection won’t return to the store or Night Market.

While there are no details yet on price, the Champions 2021 Collection was set at 6263 VP for the full bundle. Individual items within the pack were available separate at a slightly reduced price. The Vandal was priced at 2675 VP, the knife at 5350 VP and the player cards at 375 VP. Overall, sales of the 2021 collection led to more than $7.5 million for teams that attended the event.

Champions Istanbul is the culmination of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 season. The event runs from Aug. 31 – Sept. 18 in Istanbul, Turkey. The best VALORANT teams from across the globe will compete to earn the Champions trophy and the prestige of being the best team in the world.

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