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Riot is making some massive changes to how item drops work in Teamfight Tactics. Starting with patch 9.18, item boxes will occasionally deliver not just items or gold, but also champions. And to top it off, they are introducing a new consumable item to help players star-up their champions.

The new system divides boxes dropped by minions into Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Each box type has different loot tables associated with it, and different probabilities guide what it drops. The item drop change will arrive alongside the new items Riot recently announced.

Tft Riot teamfight tactics new items

The boxed champions go directly to the player’s bench, or instantly convert to gold if there is no room. Riot hopes that this will give players more build options. Conversely, players can sell any champions they get from boxes. In that way, they aren’t that much different from regular gold drops.

The new consumable item is tentatively named Neeko’s Help. It can be added to any champion, creating a 1-star version of them and destroying the item. Unlike the champion drops, Neeko’s help feels like a solid anti-rng addition to Teamfight Tactics. This should be good news for players who haven’t always been in support of flair-over-fairness mechanics.

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According to the post, Riot is making these changes to ensure the game remains exciting and fun. Their secondary goal is to meet the players halfway by making the game feel at least somewhat consistent. To that end, the post states that Riot is doing a lot “behind the scenes” to mitigate randomness. The new box system will ensure that each player receives a certain ratio of useful items and other good stuff. There should be no instances of a player getting no items and only gold, or vice versa.

Patch 9.18 drops on Sept 11, bringing all the new items and drop changes to the game. All changes and additions will likely be playable on the PBR at some point prior to that.

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