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World-renowned Ukrainian organization Natus Vincere (NAVI) has officially entered VALORANT after signing team No Pressure from the CIS region. The organization has become known most for its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team who has won countless tournaments over the years.  Now, the organization expands into CS:GO’s sister title created by Riot Games.

Despite not being tied to an organization previously, the No Pressure squad ranked 8th on our EMEA VALORANT Power Rankings for VCT Stage 3: Challengers 1. The team began turning heads in the VALORANT community after they met Gambit Esports in the grand final of the VCT CIS Stage 3 Challengers 1 closed qualifier. The unsigned roster took down the likes of One Breath Gaming and forZe before coming face to face with Gambit. No Pressure was unable to defeat Gambit who went the entire event without dropping a map. With an 8th place ranking on our list, they surpassed some organizations that have been in the game for months. That impressive performance now behind them, No Pressure has officially become NAVI.

NAVI look to overtake the CIS region

No Pressure started the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3 in the open qualifier alongside fifteen other teams. Only the top eight of those sixteen teams would advance to the closed qualifier for a chance at the Main Event. No Pressure won their first match against eXiLe eSports to qualify for the closed. Once at the closed, No pressure continued to show their dominance against other teams before ultimately running into Gambit, who would send them to the lower bracket.

No Pressure battled Gambit battled three times throughout the course of Challengers 1 in CIS. Each time Gambit bested the No Pressure squad and each time No Pressure walked away without a single map win against the titans of CIS. Now that No Pressure has become NAVI, they will have to pool all their strength to overcome Gambit Esports. Out of the many teams in the CIS VALORANT region, Gambit is the only team sitting between NAVI and the number one spot.

NAVI’s complete roster

  • Kirill “Cloud” Nehozhin
  • Artur “7ssk7” Kyourshin
  • Denis “dinkzj” Tkachev
  • Vladyslav “arch” Svistov
  • Mikhail “Duno” Fokin