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Natus Vincere are entering Rocket League with the previously unsigned Fadeaway roster, the Ukrainian organization announced today.

With Fadeaway, Na’Vi have signed a talented European roster, captained by an experienced veteran in Maik “Tigreee” Hoffmann. Tigreee was recently let go from White Demons (now FC Barcelona) and teamed up with Luis “LuiisP” Puente Peña and Lorenzo “Dead-Monster” Tongiorgi. Fadeaway recently revealed Tigreee’s dedication to the team as they posted a screenshot of their chat from Aug., showing his commitment to the team despite getting offers from elsewhere.

“Just want to inform you guys that I got approached […] with decent salary. Want to be transparent with you guys,” Tigreee told his teammates. “I thought about it and I don’t want to go for money. I feel way better with you guys and I believe we have more potential.”

His dedication to Fadeaway has paid off, as the team now represents one of the larger organizations in Rocket League.

“Joining such a legendary brand as Na’Vi and introducing them into Rocket League is something I always dreamed of,” Tigreee said. “Feeling super thankful to have this opportunity and I will give everything in my power to make this count!”

Natus Vincere put their trust in Rocket League talents

While Na’Vi have a Rocket League veteran in Tigreee, LuiisP and Dead-Monster are much newer at the top. LuiisP is a Spanish player who made his debut in the Rocket League Championship Series Season X last year. Since then, he’s had a few decent results, with a top-eight finish in the first winter regional as his best result. He has yet to make a name for himself as an absolute top player, but his several appearances throughout RLS Season X make him a strong newcomer.

Dead-Monster has fewer results but is also more known for his 1v1 prowess. The Italian has often shown his individual skill in show matches and 1v1 tournaments. And, more recently, he began to show his skill in the 3v3 sphere as well. While he has not made many appearances in the RLCS yet, his qualification with Na’Vi for the first event of the RLCS 2021-22 season shows that he’s able to adapt to the 3v3 environment.

Natus Vincere may not yet be the favorites to take home a Rocket League World Championship. But, the fact that they’ve come all the way from the open qualifiers, battled their way through one of the most competitive regions in the world and qualified for the first RLCS main event of the season, shows promise.

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