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Supercars Eseries leader beaten in round three by NASCAR champion

NASCAR champion Brodie Kostecki wins round three of the Supercars Eseries
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Round three of the Supercars Eseries saw the current leader beaten. Richie Stanaway, who leads the pack after winning rounds one and two, has slipped up. Brodie Kostecki claimed victory over Stanaway in round three, and now leads the Eseries by 18 points. Stanaway has been in a great position to win his races this round, but he fell short of grabbing pole position. Why was Kostecki able to beat him? It probably has something to do with NASCAR entering the Supercars Eseries, and maybe some internet troubles.

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Round three: NASCAR racing

The third round of the Supercars Eseries was raced on the Daytona circuit. Not only is this an unfamiliar Supercars circuit, it also brought with it different cars. While round one and round two saw the drivers racing in their preferred cars, Daytona called for something different. Throughout the Eseries, drivers race in the same cars they do in the physical world, meaning their skills transfer from the physical to the digital world more smoothly. However, this wasn’t the case when NASCAR got involved.

Carnage at Daytona as Cam Waters gets away from the damage (Image: Supplied)

Drivers with lots of experience in both the physical and the digital world often perform better than others. That’s why Stanaway has been on top for the previous two weeks. Kostecki, who now leads, has this similar experience. However, Kostecki had something this week that many other drivers didn’t: experience in NASCAR. Kostecki won three Junior NASCAR US Championships before starting his Supercars career. This extra experience gave Kostecki the edge he needed to take his driving skills from the physical world and use them in this week’s race.

Kostecki won a convincing race ahead of James Golding and Todd Hazelwood. Unfortunately Stanaway may have faired better had his internet connection not failed, forcing him out of the race. Aussie NASCAR driver James Davison was another promising contender for round three. He unfortunately crashed into his cousin Will Davison while chasing the lead.

Richie Stanaway leading the pack ahead of Brodie Kostecki, before Stanaway disconnected (Image: Supplied)

It’s still anyone’s Championship

The end of round three marks the half way point of the Supercars Eseries, and it’s still anyone’s tournament. Kostecki only holds the lead by a mere 18 points. This is a tight margin. In Supercars, a win is 150 points, second place receives 138, and 129 goes to the third spot. It’s a tight race, and it’s anyone’s victory at the minute.

The drivers at the top of the leaderboard currently, are:

  • 1st – Brodie Kostecki on 378 points
  • 2nd – Cameron Waters on 360 points
  • 3rd – Richie Stanaway on 300 points
  • 3rd – James Golding on 300 points

Any of these four drivers could easily snag the Championship. Stanaway didn’t receive any points for this week’s race and he is still on 300! The All Star Supercars Eseries, sometimes featuring NASCAR, is on every Wednesday night (AEST) live on Fox Sports 506, Kayo7Plus and Sky NZ. For international viewers, keep an eye on Supercars’ social media channels, including Twitch.

Pro Series round three

While there were a few upsets in this round of the All Star Eseries, with Stanaway disconnecting and James Golding crashing out, the Pro Eseries has gone much smoother. Dayne Warren still holds the lead after another win. He ran another pole to victory race ahead of Jake Burton and Jarrad Filsell. Burton and Filsell chased Warren to the very end, pushing him all the way. The undefeated defending champion is now on 450 points. Filsell is second on 387 points, and Burton third on 369. The Pro Eseries is also live every Wednesday night (AEST) on Fox Sports 506, Kayo, 7Plus, Sky NZ and Supercars’ social media channels.

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