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Day 2 of the Teamfight Tactics Set 6 world championship featured the 16 best players in the world. But heading into the action on Day 2 of the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets championship, no one knew which eight of those players would move onto Day 3 – not even when Game 6 started.

After the end of Game 5, the standings started to paint a picture: China looked like they were in complete control. All three of their players in top 16 were at the top of the points leaderboard, taking the first, second and fourth place slots in the standings. On the opposite end of the spectrum, North America’s best player Jeffery “Milk” Pan was virtually eliminated before Game 6. On the topic of NA, the two other remaining players in the region, Team Liquid’s Aleksey “Goose” Tvorogov and “Guubums” and found themselves on the outside looking in while both being in the ninth and 10th place spots respectively. But then Game 6 happened.

Goose and Guubums didn’t win their Game 6 lobbies, but they both placed inside of the top three. And when the dust settled, their placements, along with collapses from players above them, gave them just enough points to squeak into the top eight and qualify for the Day 3 finals.

The eight players who are heading into the finals include only two Chinese players. This is after “Kuangluan” barely missed out thanks to a seventh-place finish in Game 6. But the point leader “Liluo” and also “LiuLi” will be representing China in the finals. Along with the two Chinese players and two NA players, Korea also has two players in the finals. The first is “Ddudu” who is looking to bring the TFT world championship back to Korea while making his first finals appearance after barely missing out last season. He is joined by “Woozzul,” who managed to secure the last spot in top eight.

Rounding out the top eight competitors is the pride of Oceania, “TXE”. He has been near the top of the standings all weekend.  Latin America’s “Altenahue” made the most of his 16th place finish on Day 1 by converting it into a top eight performance on Day 2.

The elephant in the room that should be discussed is the lack of Europe in the finals of the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship. Despite being tied for the most players at the world championship with six, the Europe, Middle East and Africa region failed to qualify a single player in the top eight. An embarrassing result for the self-proclaimed best region in the world.

The TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship finals kick off on Sunday, May 1 at 5 a.m ET.

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