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MultiVersus players have been anxiously awaiting Season 1, but the milestone in the platform fighter’s early days was recently postponed. At the time, the FGC was confused as to what caused the delay, but Player First Games has finally revealed what the team is working on.

MultiVersus is the newest Smash-like platform fighter to enter the scene. It has taken the fighting game world by storm with its extensive cast of popular superheroes and cartoon characters along with its interesting gameplay. Fans of the genre have also been enjoying all of the updates, like upcoming roster additions like Morty from Rick and Morty. But Morty was due on opening day of Season 1, which means players will have to wait a bit longer. But why?

A recent tweet from the MultiVersus Twitter account has revealed some major updates coming with Season 1.

According to the most recent official update, MultiVersus is getting a classic arcade mode as well as ranked play in Season 1. It’s currently unclear what classic arcade mode will be like, but the FGC is speculating that it will be similar to Smash’s CPU-based mode. Many fighting games, including Street Fighter and Soul Calibur, have this kind of challenge as well; it tends to help new players get more familiar with each fighter in the roster.

When is MultiVersus Season 1 coming? 

Season 1 was initially supposed to be here on August 9, but the news of its delay has fans confused. When can they expect Season 1 now? Players are anxious to get their hands on Rick and Morty as well as the new game modes.

Unfortunately, there’s no official date for Season 1’s launch. For now, Player First Games has stated that the launch date announcement is “coming very soon.”

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