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The MultiVersus Twitter account teased the release date for “Gremlins” protagonist Gizmo in a video posted on Thursday. This marks the first official confirmation that Gizmo is making his way into the game as a playable character.

The trailer starts with a shot of the box Gizmo emerges from when he first meets Billy in the movie. Then, “Gremlins” antagonist Stripe appears to dart in front of the camera before it progressively zooms in on the box. The trailer ends as Gizmo’s hands pop out from within the box and he lets out a few high-pitched cheers and giggles.

According to the announcement tweet, Gizmo will join MultiVersus on September 6. He will become the second playable character to join during Season 1, following Morty Smith. Other characters confirmed to join during this season include Rick Sanchez, Black Adam and Stripe. In addition, leaks suggest that Betelgeuse, the Wicked Witch of the West and Marvin the Martian could all become playable before the season ends in November.

More about Gizmo in MultiVersus

Before now, Gizmo had not been formally announced like his evil counterpart, Stripe, who currently appears on the game’s loading screen alongside Black Adam. However, leakers had already revealed that Gizmo would eventually join the game. MultiVersus leaker Susie previously claimed that Gizmo will be a two-in-one character with Stripe, although AisulMV refuted the claim.

Since Warner Bros. and Player First Games have not yet acknowledged whether the two-in-one dynamic exists, it’s unclear how Gizmo and Stripe will function or what attacks will appear in their movesets. However, based on a tweet from game director Tony Huynh, it at least seems likely that Gizmo will wield a bow and arrow.

Gizmo’s release date is scheduled to come only two weeks after Morty made his way into the game. As a result, it is possible that MultiVersus players will get to try out a brand new character every couple of weeks.

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