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Modern Horizons is finally upon us! Months ago, we had a couple of spoilers revealed, and today we got a few more previews from the official Magic Twitch stream. I won’t keep you waiting — let’s get into it! The following eight new commons from Magic: The Gathering‘s Modern Horizons set were revealed today!

Modern Horizons preview cards

MTG Modern Horizons preview Venomous Changeling MTG Modern Horizons Wall of One Thousand Cuts MTG Modern Horizons Savage Swipe

Stream of Thought Martyr's Soul Modern Horizons spoilers Impostor of the Sixth Pride

Headless Specter Goblin War Party MTG Spoilers

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Returning mechanics in Modern Horizons

Modern Horizons looks to be a rather strong set with many returning mechanics from the history of Magic: The Gathering. These preview cards show us the return of the following:

  • Hellbent – Hellbent is a mechanic that came around due to the Rakdos cult in the original Ravnica set. It gives you an additional effect as long as you have no cards in hand.
  • Entwine – Entwine is a longstanding mechanic that we’ve seen for years in Magic: The Gathering. It allows you to choose both parts of a modal spell for an additional price.
  • Convoke – Convoke is a mechanic popularized by the Selesnya guild on Ravnica. It allows your creatures to help you cast spells by tapping to contribute to paying the mana cost.
  • Replicate – Replicate is an interesting mechanic that allows you to cast additional copies of a card for each time you pay its Replicate cost.
  • Changeling – Changeling is really more a creature type than a mechanic, but it’s something we haven’t seen in a long while. This creature type counts as every single creature type in the game. If you buff Angels, you also buff Changelings. If you buff Goblins, you also buff Changelings. It works for all tribes!

Stay tuned!

Daily Esports is here to preview new Modern Horizon cards all week, so be sure to keep a lookout. We covered the other four Common cards revealed today in a separate post.

Make sure to also check out the schedule for Modern Horizons spoilers on the official Wizards of the Coast guide. If you tune in today, you may even be able to catch some more spoilers on the Magic Twitch channel.