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Competition for the best white cards in Kaldheim is tough. Magic: The Gathering’s latest set is loaded with powerful new spells, creatures, and more. Releasing digitally on Jan. 28, these cards are ones that will likely have some type of impact on Standard specifically. Some may be Standard staples or Limited pack one picks, either way, these cards will likely cause headaches for players on either side of the table (or computer).

No matter how they’re played, these white cards are the best Kaldheim has to offer.

Best white cards in Kaldheim: Halvar, God of Battle // Sword of the Realms

MTG Kaldheim Halvar

Halvar, God of Battle is a solid four-mana creature that comes with some powerful abilities. Granting creatures double strike if they’re enchanted or equipped means they are twice the threat, both when attacking and defending. Halvar also gives players the ability to swap around one piece of equipment or aura at the start of each combat step, not just it’s controllers. Moving an Embercleve or an All That Glitters from creature to creature allows for some versatile plays.

Speaking of being versatile, Sword of the Realms is a powerful piece of equipment. As a modal card, players can choose which side they want to cast. While +2/+0 and vigilance aren’t terribly impactful, being able to return creatures to its owner’s hand when it dies is very powerful. This card incentivizes players for being aggressive and rewards them for their trades. With both Halvar and the Sword out players will have an extremely powerful synergy that will be hard to beat.

Best white cards in Kaldheim: Sigrid, God-Favored

MTG Kaldheim Sigrid

Sigrid, God-Favored is a creature that does a lot all at once. A three-mana 2/2 that exiles an attacking or blocking creature. Sigrid can be used on creatures to avoid powerful attacks or to dodge removal for a few turns. Sigrid feels very similar to Skyclave Apparition, another three-mana creature that sees a fair amount of play already. The biggest downside to Sigrid is that she is legendary so players won’t be able to have more than out at a time. Between her flash, first strike, and exiling ability, she can easily be a powerful blowout against aggro decks

Best white cards in Kaldheim: Doomskar

MTG Kaldheim Spoiler Doomskar

We have talked about how great Doomskar is previously, and with the rest of Kaldheim spoiled, that has not changed. As a board wipe with the foretell ability, Doomskar can sit outside the game until needed. With a cheaper casting cost later on, Doomskar is great for control decks who may have missed out on a land drop or two. While it may be too early to say for sure, it would be a safe bet for players to see a lot of Doomskar in the future of Standard.

Best white cards in Kaldheim: Starnheim Unleashed

MTG Kaldheim Starnehim Unleashed

Starnheim Unleashed may be the best card to come out of Kaldheim. Thanks to its foretell ability, players can make an army of angels to sweep up the late game. At sorcery speed, it is a little slow, but after creating five or six angels, it likely won’t matter too much. Control decks will eat up this card as a mid to late game finisher, or as a way to close out a match after a well times Doomskar.

Best white cards in Kaldheim: Invoke the Divine

MTG Kaldheim Invoke the Divine

While not a new card to Magic, Invoke the Divine will likely see a lot of sideboard play thanks to the number of artifacts and enchantments in Kaldheim. Instant speed removal and a little life gain will help stabilize against aggro decks and get rid of any pesky cards hanging around.

Wild Card: Divine Gambit

Kaldheim Divine Gambit

This card is probably going to be awful, giving an opponent free cards is never good. The odds that an opponent doesn’t have at least some type of permanent in hand is low. At best, Divine Gambit is a very late game removal spell. At worst, an opponent gets a free Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, or something equally devastating. BUT if there is a way to break this card, it would be great to see.