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After the success of Magic: The Gathering Arena’s ESL ANZ Champs last year, the tournament is back. The first season launched in August 2021 with season two kicking off in November.

Wizards of the Coast have partnered with ESL Australia once again to bring MTGA to Australian and New Zealand players. The announcement of the MTGA ESL ANZ Champs comes soon after Wizards announced table top Magic Pro Circuit Tour.

Winter Season 2022

Unlike the North, Australia and New Zealand are welcoming the cold while most of the world’s popular reigns in the summer. The MTGA Winter Season qualifiers will start in May. The majority of the season will take place during the winter months of June and July. Season finals will be held on June 16. Here’s the full schedule:

  • First Open Qualifier — May 7 and 8
  • Second Open Qualifier — May 21 and 22
  • Third Open Qualifier — June 4 and 5
  • Fourth Open Qualifier — June 18 and 19
  • Season finals — June 26

Each qualifier will feature up to seven sounds of Swiss Stage on the Saturday. The top eight players from the Saturday will go on to play on Sunday for a spot in the finals. Each Sunday is a single elimination bracket with only the top two players progressing to the finals.

Prizes, how to compete and where to watch

Players can expect both physical and monetary prizes, with prizes for all stages. Players who compete in the qualifiers can earn cards, including returning players.

The tournament organizers are encouraging participants to enter multiple events. Competitors can earn multiple rewards each week. However, if a player has already qualifier for the finals, their place will be passed down to the next eligible participant.

There’s lots to look forward to in the MTGA ESL Champs | Provided by ESL Play

And that’s not all for prizes. There are many prizes for the top 32 players, with a total prize pool of $2,500 AUD up for grabs:

  • Champion: $800 + Set Booster Box + Collector Box + Uncut Sheet of cards
  • Runner up: $600 + Collector Booster Box
  • Third: $400 + Set Booster Box
  • Fourth: $300 + Set Booster Box
  • Firth to eight placed: $100 + Set Booster Box
  • 9th-16th place: MTG Bundle
  • 17th – 32nd placed: three Set Boosters

Australian and New Zealand residences over the age of 16 are able participate. If you’re eligible and you’d like to sign up to compete, head to ESL Play to register. You’ll need an ESL Play account

It’s also not the just the players who can score rewards. Fans can join in the action with plenty of prizes to be won through socials and livestreams. All the action for the finals will be broadcast on the official ESL Australia and Magic: The Gathering Twitch channels.