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Earlier in the week, we saw a leak showing off some artwork for an upcoming Magic: The Gathering set. This small glimpse at what Wizards of the Coast had in store was tantalizing to the MTG community. At San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), we finally got a really good look at what is to come to standard and MTG Arena and Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine.

Throne of Eldraine’s theme

Throne of Eldraine seems to be thematically geared towards the legends of Camelot and the Grimm Fairy Tales. This will be a welcome sight for fans of Knights, a tribe that has been on the brink of being competitive in Standard for a while. In addition to Knight fans, fans of the Faerie tribe can also rejoice! Faeries, while not a centerpiece of the set, will be included. We haven’t had a meaningful Faerie world since Lorwyn, so seeing new Faeries will be awesome. Wizards said on Twitter that we should expect to see some of our favorite old Fairy Tales in Eldraine with a special twist!

The art of Eldraine

While the above information is good to know, the most exciting bit of the preview at SDCC was the art! Below, we have a look at the beautiful art of Eldraine!

Knights, Throne of Eldraine, MTG, New Set, SDCC

SDCC, MTG, Eldraine

Throne of Eldraine, MTG, new, SDCC

These are merely a small sample of the multitude of the artwork shared at SDCC. The pure fantastical energy that these pieces encapsulate has the MTG community on edge, ready to play the new cards!

Additional information from SDCC

With the release of Throne of Eldraine, we will also see preconstructed Brawl decks for tabletop play. Brawl is a format introduced by Wizards of the Coast a while back that is essentially the Standard version of Commander. As if that weren’t cool enough, Brawl will be coming to MTG Arena later this year! Not next year, not two years down the road — this is happening before the end of the year according to WotC.

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