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GP Dallas has showcased the new Modern meta after Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons. It has many cool, interesting decks, but HogaakVine and Phoenix have overshadowed most other archetypes. In spite of that, we had quite the interesting deck make it into the top 8: Taking Turns piloted by Daniel Wong.

Who is Daniel Wong?

Wong is a longtime Taking Turns player. He’s routinely done well with his deck of choice, placing in the top 16 at two GPS and top 8 at Las Vegas in 2017. Today, he made top 8 yet again with Taking Turns at GP Dallas!

What is Taking Turns?

Taking Turns is a very unique Modern deck, with lots of intricacies to it. In essence, however, you try to take multiple turns in a row so that you can be far ahead of your opponent on cards, board state, and land drops. Check out this list below!

Taking Turns, GP Dallas, Top 8, Daniel Wong

The deck utilizes spells such as Dictate of Kruphix and Howling Mine to make sure each extra turn you take earns you extra card draw. As far as winning goes, it can win a few different ways. It can win through Snapcaster Mage beats with Lightning Bolt backup, through using Jace, the Mindsculptor, or through beating down with a Part the Waterveil awakened land over and over.

Learn to play Taking Turns!

If you find yourself interested in this awesome, unique deck, check out the below resources:

  • MTGSalvation’s Taking Turns forum: This forum is a long, long archived discussion on this deck. If you find yourself wanting more discussion, you can also check out the old MTGSalvation forum that started in 2009.
  • The Taking Turns Discord: For real-time discussion on the deck, Discord is probably the best option available.
  • Daniel Wong’s YouTube: The master himself, Daniel has a few videos of older builds on his YouTube that are really good to watch and learn from.

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