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Planeswalkers are some of the most powerful cards in Magic: The Gathering and some of the most popular. It stands to reason that, at some point or another, someone would mash a bunch of ‘walkers into a deck! In simple terms, that’s what Jeskai Planeswalkers is: a mash-up of really good Planeswalkers in MTG Arena Standard. In essence, though, it’s much more than just a superfriends deck; it’s a control deck! Complete with board wipes, card draw, card selection, and inevitability, Jeskai Walkers is a deck that can scratch your control itch while also letting you play with some sweet War of the Spark Planeswalkers. Let’s break it down a bit!

The Planeswalkers

The Planeswalkers in this deck can be broken down into two categories: utility and win conditions.

Utility Planeswalkers

These are cards that, while powerful, typically don’t just win a game of MTG Arena for you. They’re there to slow your opponent down, help you draw cards, or protect other walkers and yourself from damage. While some of these Planeswalkers have strong abilities that synergize well together and can lead to game wins, they’re mostly around to keep you alive and keep you churning through your deck. The below three are the main Planeswalkers, but some lists also utilize Karn, Scion of Urza and Ashiok, Dream Render.

MTG Arena, Standard, Jeskai Planeswalkers MTG Arena, Jeskai Planeswalkers, Teferi, Standard MTG Arena, Standard, Jeskai Planeswalkers

Win-condition Planeswalkers

These are the Planeswalkers that are around to win you the game. Teferi is a dangerous card advantage machine that has an almost unbeatable ultimate. Sarkhan is probably the most self-explanatory; he makes all your walkers into dragons that smash face! And finally, Chandra is there to be a functional board wipe and just auto-win certain matchups with her permanent damage emblems.

Teferi, MTG Arena, Jeskai Superfriends Chandra, Ch6ndra Superfriends MTG Dragons Superfriends

The rest of the deck

Everything else in this Standard Jeskai Planeswalkers (or Jeskai Superfriends) deck is removal spells like Shock and Lightning Strike and a mix of board wipes like Deafening Clarion, Cleansing Nova, and Time Wipe. If you want to check out a few decklists, you can find quite a few over at MTGTop8.com or you can check out the one below from MTGGoldfish.com.

Full Jeskai Planeswalker list

Jeskai Superfriends, Planeswalkers, courtesy of MTG Goldfish

You should play this superfriends deck if you enjoy playing control but want a different spin on things. Teferi and Narset really let you control the game, but Sarkhan lets you steal wins out of nowhere unlike any other control deck in Standard. Be sure to check out our other Deck Spotlight articles if you want to see more awesome lists!

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