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Sporeweb Weaver is another extremely fun and unique 3-drop revealed in Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021 spoilers. This creature is a 1/4 Spider that you can cast for 2 and a green. It comes equipped with reach and hexproof from blue. When it is dealt damage, you gain 1 life and create a 1/1 Saproling creature token. This is yet another tool that green got with the new spoilers.

Sporeweb Weaver in Standard

Sporeweb Weaver is in that spot where it almost fits a few roles, but not completely. The low power and toughness prevent it from being a choice for stompy decks. The only thing that this card excels at is blocking. Sporeweb Weaver can accumulate decent value against aggro decks, generating more and more blockers and prolonging the game by giving you a sliver of life. The problem is that blocking is rarely relevant, and it just doesn’t do enough for a 3-drop when it comes to attacking. The 1 power will kill very few relevant targets, and you will mostly attack for the effect. Something positive that can be said for the card is that it is a bad target for removal spells that deal damage.

Sporeweb Weaver MTG Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021 spoilers

Viability in other formats

Sporeweb Weaver will probably see little to no play in Modern and Legacy. It does not do enough for the cost of 3 mana, which can seem steep in the formats. The 1 power does nothing and neither does the 4 toughness. The effect involves too much time and investment in order to make almost no impact on the game.

In limited, however, this card is pure value. It is a great answer to any aggressive deck that tends to swarm the field. Creatures with 1 toughness are not rare in the limited environment, so your blocks can often be extremely beneficial to you. The life gain can be extremely important and the additional power and toughness it brings onto the field over time will be of great help. The partial hexproof it has helps it stick onto the table. It might not be as intimidating as some of the reprints, but it is still a decent pick.

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