Watcher of the Spheres descends in MTG Core Set 2021 spoilers
Watcher of the Spheres MTG Core Set 2021 spoilers Magic: The Gathering

Watcher of the Spheres descends in MTG Core Set 2021 spoilers

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In Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021 spoilers, Watcher of the Spheres is an uncommon 2-drop. You can cast it for a blue and a white. It is a 2/2 bird wizard creature with flying. While Watcher of the Spheres is on the battlefield, every spell you cast that has flying costs 1 generic mana less. Whenever a creature with flying enters the battlefield, it gets +1/+1 until the end of turn.

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Helping the flyers with this Core Set 2021 spoiler

Watcher of the Spheres · Core Set 2021 (M21) #227 · Scryfall Magic ...

A “flying deck” has been a running gag in the Magic: The Gathering community. Ever since the Oko ban, the meta has become a bit healthier and more diverse, and this “joke” is becoming more and more viable. This is one of the cards that are, no doubt, going to spark some creativity in the part of the community that does not play competitively.

Watcher of the Spheres will most likely not see much play on the competitive scene, as it just does not seem to identify with any of the high-tier decks that we have been seeing.

Watcher of the Spheres in other formats

This card falls into a deep hole of mediocrity. It is a card that provides decent value for its cost, but that is just not enough in Modern and Legacy. In Commander, however, this card can find a place in many decks. For example, there’s Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, where it can help you fill your board. There’s also Kykar, Wind’s Fury and Galantyne the Heavengale where it can easily reach huge power and toughness at a low cost, while still generating a little bit of value.

In limited, this card can potentially be a second or third pick. By picking up a few Mistral Singers and maybe a Shacklegeist, you can create an aerial offense that is hard to deal with. However, if you do not have any flyers, this is still a decent 22nd or 23rd card if you are desperate for playables.

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