MTG Commander 2020 spoilers bring more power to white
Image Credit: Bethesda
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Magic the Gathering Commander 2020 White spoilers

MTG Commander 2020 spoilers bring more power to white

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

It’s no secret that white is one of the weaker colors in EDH, even according to Wizards of the Coast. Luckily, the new Commander 2020 spoilers seem to be working on rectifying that. In addition to giving us some extremely fun commanders, it’s really pushing the envelope on white’s power level in EDH. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the new goodies Magic‘s Commander 2020 will bring to white!

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Verge Rangers

mtg commander 2020 spoilers - verge rangers

Verge Rangers is a 3/3 Human for 2 and a white mana. It has first strike and allows you to play lands off the top of your deck as long as any opponent has more lands than you. So, the worst thing this card can do (unless you’re playing first) is help you get lands off the top of your library.

If you’re playing against a deck that has green in it (which is very likely) or you’ve simply missed a couple of land drops, Verge Rangers will get you back on track in no time. While this isn’t technically a ramp effect, it does help you avoid drawing into dead lands in the late game, and in the early game it helps you hit your land drops.

Flawless Maneuver

mtg commander 2020 spoilers - flawless maneuver

Flawless Maneuver is one of the better spells out there for protecting your board. It’s an instant for 2 and a white, but if you control your commander, you can cast it without paying that mana cost. When cast, it gives all of your creatures indestructible for the turn.

3-cost board protection is quite playable in mono-white by itself. The amazing thing is this card allows you to hold up protection even when you’re tapped out. White decks such as Odric (either of them), Oketra, or either of the Heliods will enjoy this card. Such decks are quite commander-reliant, and boardwipes can set them back significantly. But frankly, even multicolor decks such as Feather or Rhys will want to run this. Essentially, if you’re playing a token- or creature-based deck with a commander under seven mana, you’ll want Flawless Maneuver in it.

Call the Coppercoats

mtg commander 2020 spoilers - call the coppercoats

Call the Coppercoats doesn’t really do anything new in white, but it does what it’s made to do amazingly well. It’s an instant for 2 and a white, and it has strive for 1 and a white. It allows you to make a number of Human Soldier tokens equivalent to the number of creatures controlled by your opponent(s).

This does two things. First, it can help you block any non-trampling swing. For just 2 and a white, you can essentially fog the board in white. The more interesting thing is that it can help you build up your own army. White decks run a lot of effects that buff all of their creatures. Because of this, your 1/1 Human Soldiers are unlikely to stay as such. Ideally, if you have the mana to pay for its strive cost 2 times (for a total of 4 and 3 white), you’ll gain as many creatures as all of your opponents have. Afterward, all that’s left to do is buff them up and swing for game.

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