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Not too long ago, Wizards of the Coast announced a new XP system update for MTG Arena. This system introduced the new (paid) Mastery Pass and a (free) Mastery system by which players could earn rewards just through playing! It sounded pretty good, except that it replaced the much beloved weekly wins reward system.

The new Mastery system encouraged players to play daily, lest they miss out on XP. This dismayed many gamers who loved how they could play freely throughout the week, rather than needing to play daily.

The changes

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After large amounts of feedback, Wizards of the Coast has published an MTG Arena update. In it, they announced that they have reverted the XP changes so that weekly wins are back! Now, you don’t have to play daily to keep up. You can sign on just a few times per week or even just one day a week if you really want. You can achieve your 15 wins in one day or multiple.

In addition to having weekly wins back, they have adjusted the XP gained from wins and quests. Daily Quests now give 500 XP, down from 800 XP. You will also earn 250 XP per win from the first 15 wins of the week. However, Daily wins will not reward XP anymore. Essentially, you can get all the XP available throughout the week whenever you have the time to grind 15 wins and as you do Daily Quests.

These changes will be implemented at some time today, July 10.


Overall, a huge thank you to Wizards of the Coast! In this day and age, big gaming companies tend to ignore player feedback or take forever to implement that feedback, so it’s refreshing to see WotC fix this MTG Arena issue within a couple of weeks. Now, you should be good to play MTG Arena whether you grind every day or just once per week. And that means we can all enjoy the new Core Set 2020 Standard format and the new Mastery Pass system.

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