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Last week we got a glimpse into what Wizards of the Coast was planning for the future of Magic: The Gathering Arena. Essentially, we were looking at a Battle Pass (“Mastery Pass”) for each season of play that gives players extra rewards just for playing, starting with Core Set 2020. Shortly after the announcement, there was a load of controversy around it due to how predatory and anti-F2P it looked. Today, Wizards of the Coast released a statement regarding the Mastery Pass alongside a new free MTG Arena code.

MTG Arena Battle Pass update

In the update, Wizards of the Coast explains that they forgot to mention a few things about the Mastery Pass. Primarily, they forgot to let us know that events will give experience points. Before, there was an understanding that only the first three wins per day and your daily quest would offer EXP. Now, they’re saying that EXP will be available more so in quests than before, and also in the weekly events. This addresses player issues regarding not being able to reach the full level cap, though it still heavily encourages daily play over the play-when-you-want style we’ve had with weekly quests.

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Free MTG Arena Code: LevelUp

In addition to events offering EXP, Wizards said in their statement that players will also earn EXP by using periodic codes that they will hand out. The first of which is: LevelUp. Typing this code into the MTG Arena store will grant the player two levels of EXP, allowing them to gain a few bonus rewards from the new Mastery System and some Core Set 2020 packs!

Free MTG Arena Code: PlayM20

As usual, Core Set 2020 will have a code giving all players three free packs! If you’re looking to get started in Core Set 2020, be sure to use PlayM20 to boost your collection!


Wizards seems to be finally communicating with us (something they should have done days ago). But — better late than never. If you want to check out some more codes for MTG Arena, be sure to take a trip over to our codes page! Thanks for reading!