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The Epic Games Store has a bit of an infamous reputation among the gaming community. From hunting exclusivity rights to concerning security issues, the Steam alternative has been seen in a negative light (sometimes unfairly) for quite a while. Despite this, Magic: The Gathering Arena has decided to give the launcher a chance. MTG Arena will be available this winter on the store. However, the game will not be exclusive to Epic Games. Direct downloads will still be available from MTGArena.com. Oh, and the game’s coming to Mac too.

Why the move?

Wizards of the Coast wants to make the game available to more people across multiple platforms. By expanding to the Epic Games Store, those on the store will have an easy download at their fingertips. However, they have remained silent on the possibility of coming to other third-party video game stores, such as Steam. Players will still be able to play with friends regardless of where they downloaded the game.

Expansion to Mac

Since the early days of the beta, many MTG Arena users have been asking for a version of the game for Mac. Without a separate drive partition, it’s currently not possible to run the game on an Apple machine. However, Wizards of the Coast confirmed today that a version of the game will be coming to Mac this winter. The version will release “shortly after” MTG Arena comes to the Epic Games Store. There are no exact dates yet, but it looks to be in the not-so-distant future.

The expansion to Mac could mean other systems soon get versions of MTG Arena. Mobile, gaming consoles, and more all could be next. However, there’s no direct confirmation of this, so it’s merely hopeful speculation at this point. What do you think of the move by MTG Arena? Are you excited to try it on a different platform, or will you keep playing the game just as before?