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MTG commander players can never seem to get enough of the casual format. Being able to play your favorite cards forever in your own unique, custom deck holds massive appeal for many. Wizards of the Coast has capitalized on the popularity of this before. Making decks, cards, and more just for the format has helped to sell products massively for the company. Now, WOTC is looking to expand that success by further saturating the market with even more commander products year-round.

Ikoria and Zendikar Rising commander

Along with the release of the next two Standard sets, Ikoria and Zendikar Rising, Wizards will release a set of pre-constructed commander decks. These commander decks will not feature standard cards, instead providing a unique set of pre-cons like we’ve had in the past. Reprints, new staples, and more could all be included. Of these reprints, only a few will be from Standard sets. These Standard cards are meant to help support themes in the decks.

Five decks will release with Ikoria, while Zendikar Rising will get two. The Zendikar Rising decks will focus especially on reprints. These reprints are meant to help new players acquire the staples they need to get into the format. It should be noted these decks will replace Planeswalker decks.

Commander Collection: Green

Along the line of a Signature Spellbook product, Commander Collection: Green is also coming soon. The set will feature only eight cards, but all will be special reprints of commander staples in the color green. Each will feature new alternate art (such as the image above). We don’t know what cards are coming, but they are promised to be very valuable. The set will be available in non-foil at your local game store. WPN premium stores will have a premium all foil version.

Commander Legends

Even more products are coming, too. Did you ever want to draft commander? Now you’ll be able to with Commander Legends. The set will include 70 unique legendary cards. Some will be brand new, while others serve as callbacks to older characters (such as Baron Sengir). It will also have many commander reprints and new art. There will be two more commander decks included with the draft packs as well, each full of reprints and three unique new cards.


This slew of new products is bound to get many Commander players’ brain juices flowing, but is it too much? With so many new cards and gluttony of product, how will players be able to afford so much of this? The pre-cons already cost a hefty $40 each, and needing to get one every block to keep up with your friends’ decks seems like quite a lot of money to spend. There’s also the worry that all these reprints could lead to homogenization of the format, as Arcane Signet did with the Brawl decks.

However, this is all just speculation. What do you think of all these new MTG products? Is there one you want to especially see? Let us know down in the comments below!

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