Moist Esports enter Rocket League with ex-Team Queso roster
Moist Esports has entered Rocket League with the former Queso roster
Moist Esports has entered Rocket League with the former Queso roster | Provided by Moist Esports

Moist Esports enter Rocket League with ex-Team Queso roster

A huge debut roster for the content creator's organization

Moist Esports has signed the former Team Queso Rocket League roster, the organization announced on Thursday.

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Team Queso, now Moist Esports, were this season’s breakout Rocket League stars, having won two European regionals in the winter split. They came second in the other and made one of the most impressive lower bracket runs in Rocket League history at the Winter Major. From lower bracket round one, they reached the grand final against G2 and bracket reset them, but stumbled at the finish line. Still, the trio of Joe “Joyo” Young, Finlay “rise” Ferguson and Axel “Vatira” Touret would quickly be coveted for several organizations and teams.

Moist Esports “win” the golden Rocket League trio

As the fresh Moist Esports stars blasted onto the Rocket League scene in the Winter Major, many eyes turned to what this trio could do. Winning a regional was one thing, but their flashy and highly mechanical playstyle is what won the fans’ hearts. Then, coming in second in the second regional and once more winning the third, the Moist newcomers were Los Angeles-bound for the first Rocket League LAN with a crowd in over two years.

If anyone still had doubts, Team Queso proved the world they were not a fluke at the major. However, coming in second in the group stage meant they were put in the lower bracket and would need an immense run to even reach the final. Going through the likes of NRG, Evil Geniuses, FURIA, FaZe Clan and Spacestation Gaming, the Moist boys reached the final against G2. Despite losing after forcing a bracket reset, many eyes had already turned to the talents.

While rumors surfaced of Team BDS trying to sign Vatira to their roster, Vatira shut those down with a single tweet. Shortly after, Team Queso announced the roster had been released, indirectly confirming that a larger organization would be buying them out.

With weeks of speculation about Cloud9 returning to Rocket League or 100 Thieves finally taking the plunge, it was Moist Esports who ended up signing them. Content creator Charlie “MoistCr1TiKaL” White, owner and founder of Moist Esports, was known to be a fan of Rocket League and tried to sign various high-profile teams in the past, such as the Sandrock Gaming roster and the current Complexity line-up. Those deals falling through may just have been a blessing in disguise, as his new lineup is undoubtedly the best out of those three.

Moist Esports will debut in the RLCS with their new roster on Friday as the EU region takes off. Their first match-up in the double-elimination bracket is against BS+Competition.

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