Modern Warfare 2 will reportedly have a tradeable skin marketplace
Modern Warfare 2
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Modern Warfare 2 will reportedly have a tradeable skin marketplace

A long-awaited innovation for Call of Duty

As the official reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 draws closer, more and more leaks are starting to roll in from insiders. One recent leak for the game claims that an alpha test is coming at the end of the summer, which would be followed by a full-fledged beta test. However, those leaks are somewhat diminished by another claim that MW2 will have tradeable skins and a marketplace to sell and buy them.

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This leak comes from notable insider @TheGhostofHope on Twitter. They reported that their sources told them tradeable skins are coming for MW2’s reported third game mode, which is currently called “DMZ.” DMZ is supposedly an Escape from Tarkov-like game that features looting, intense gameplay and now, apparently, tradeable skins.

According to TheGhostofHope, DMZ will allow players to browse a marketplace where they can purchase and sell the skins they’ve earned from the mode. It’s unclear exactly how players will earn the skins they receive but the insider is reporting that they will be usable across multiplayer and Warzone 2. The most current leaks say DMZ is separate from both multiplayer and Warzone. Insiders have claimed it’s getting as much development and attention as regular multiplayer.

To dispel some concerns, TheGhostofHope has said these skins are not considered NFTs. They are simply skins players can earn from supposedly playing DMZ. Players can then choose to keep those skins or sell them on the skin marketplace.

There’s no word on exactly this marketplace could work. However, the insider claims that more than just skins will also be tradeable. They said “blueprints and more” will be available in the marketplace. This could provide a completely new way to earn content in Call of Duty.

In terms of how players actually buy the content from the marketplace, TheGhostofHope isn’t sure at the moment. They also aren’t sure exactly when this could launch. More information should surface from insiders in the near future, particularly after the reveal takes place in early June.

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