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As the official reveal for Modern Warfare 2 approaches, Call of Duty insiders have begun leaking not only when Activision Blizzard will reveal the game, but also when alpha and beta tests may open up to players. According to insider RalphsValve, a Summer Games Fest announcement will precede an August release for an alpha test.

Previous alpha tests for Call of Duty games have lasted for around one week. The content offered in these tests vary, but Modern Warfare 2019 only included the Gunfight mode. Meanwhile, the Black Ops Cold War alpha launched with several maps and guns.

The Alpha test for Modern Warfare 2

According to the insider, the Modern Warfare 2 alpha will follow its predecessor and include a build of Gunfight for fans to play. This will be the same two vs. two mode that fans loved from Modern Warfare 2019. Shortly after the alpha test, fans will also get to test some aspects of traditional multiplayer as well, which will be ultimately followed by a full-fledged beta test in late August/September.

After the beta concludes, Activision and Infinity Ward will have just under two months to get the game ready for launch. This should give the developers enough time to incorporate any player feedback they receive from the Alpha and Beta tests.

However, the developers might not feel as much pressure to get the game exactly right upon launch since they will have two years to fully develop Modern Warfare 2. This will be the first game in the Call of Duty series to have a two-year life cycle instead of the usual one. The next main series game to release will be in 2024.

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