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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta has elicited a number of complaints from the community. Of course, this is exactly what a beta is for, and Infinity Ward is asking any and all players to submit their feedback on social media. One complaint that has been posted numerous times on the various feedback channels is surrounding the lack of enemy nameplates in multiplayer.

For reference, an enemy nameplate is simply an indication that a character on the map is in fact an enemy. In previous Call of Duty games, the enemy’s name has shown up above the character’s head in red. Other games have seen a red dot or other indicator appear above the enemy’s head. This is simply so players know who’s an enemy on the map and who’s a teammate. However, in Modern Warfare 2, there is no enemy nameplate or indicator whatsoever. Instead, Infinity Ward has only opted to give a player’s teammates a blue dot above their heads. This blue dot can be seen through walls all across the map so players know where their teammates are at all times.

While this is a decent feature, players still have trouble distinguishing between teammates and enemies. Enemies in multiplayer simply look like a regular character, which can cause some confusion for some players. Feedback has rolled in regarding this missing feature, with players telling Infinity Ward that Core playlists need to have enemy nameplates. Without enemy nameplates, players feel like they’re playing Hardcore playlists.

Enemy nameplates should return. This is Core, not Hardcore from ModernWarfareII

The above Reddit post garnered more than 1,000 upvotes on the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer subreddit. The post states that this issue is extremely impactful to how players perceive matches. Paired with a quick time-to-kill and some visibility problems, players are having a difficult time seeing enemies at all on the map.

However, the post does point out that there’s a setting in MW2 to enable enemy nameplates. Even with that enabled, though, the nameplates don’t appear. Players are hoping this just means that the lack of enemy nameplates is a bug, and won’t show up in the full game.

We’ll see if Infinity Ward responds to this criticism for weekend two of the beta or before launch on Oct. 28.

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