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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta is in full swing, at least for PlayStation players who pre-ordered the game. Soon, the entire community will get to experience the multiplayer mode in its beta stage. Of course, the full game is still over a month away, which gives developer Infinity Ward time to collect community feedback, and possibly make changes based on that. With that in mind, we’d thought we would throw our feedback into the ring.

While there are certainly a plethora of positives regarding MW2 multiplayer, there are also some negatives. Those will be the focus today, as we’re hoping the developers take the feedback and make changes for the full game accordingly. Below, we will list five things we would personally change for the full release of Modern Warfare 2.

1. Increase the time-to-kill

This is generally considered to be a community-wide complaint. While some players might like a faster time-to-kill, a majority of players seem to be against it. The TTK in MW2 is nearly identical to what it was in Modern Warfare 2019, which isn’t surprising. In some gunfights, it can only take players two-three shots to kill an opponent, making it seem like you die instantaneously if you’re on the wrong end of that fight.

In the full game, we’d like to see the devs make the guns kill slightly slower, but not overdo it. Adding in another bullet or two to kill an enemy would make MW2’s gunplay feel much more balanced, and it would give players a chance to escape a gunfight if an enemy spots them first.

2. Boost all movement speeds

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

We’re again asking for another boost to something, this time for movement speeds in general. This includes a player’s base walking and sprinting speed as well as the mobility of players with their guns. For example, increasing a gun’s aim down sights time or sprint-to-fire speed. As of the beta, players move incredibly slow compared to other games and the guns are reflective of this as well. It seems like it takes multiple seconds for a gun to start shooting out a sprint.

Now, we’re not asking for Infinity Ward to re-implement the slide cancel or make players move at lightning fast speeds. But providing a small buff to mobility across the board would make MW2 flow much better in our opinion.

3. Enable the classic mini-map

Speaking of the flow of Modern Warfare 2, we’ve come to the mini-map debate. Like most people in the COD community, we’re on the side of the classic mini-map. There’s seemingly no reason for Infinity Ward’s decision on this matter, but once again, the mini-map does not display red dots when enemies fire an unsuppressed weapon. It was the same in MW2019, where it was one of the most controversial aspects of that game.

Shortly put, we think MW2 instantly becomes a better game just with having those red dots back on the map. Infinity Ward could even keep the Blind’s Eye perk in the game with this change. Blind’s Eye could still reveal enemies on the mini-map when they fire. The only difference would be they would also have their direction shown when firing, whereas the mini-map just has a dot. The community is asking for it, we’ll see if the developers cave in on their decision or not.

4. Make Dead Silence a perk

Another controversial aspect of MW2019 has made its way back to the Modern Warfare 2 beta. Dead Silence, once again, is only a Field Upgrade, and not an available perk. We, along with thousands of other players, are pleading with the developers to make Dead Silence a perk for the full release of Modern Warfare 2. Given that player footsteps are so loud in the game and there’s no way to mask them, it makes trying to be stealthy nearly impossible. We would love to see the developers give players a chance to play the style they want instead of only what’s available to them. In the current beta build, the only viable gameplay strategy is to be less aggressive and wait to hear enemy footsteps.

While Vanguard had its flaws, we think Infinity Ward should implement that game’s version of Dead Silence and give players a similar perk while also keeping it as a Field Upgrade. This just gives players more options when making a class and determining how they play.

5. Reorganize the Gunsmith

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The revamped Gunsmith in MW2 is certainly an innovation for the COD franchise. Though some players want the more classic Pick-10 system, this new Gunsmith has the potential to be a terrific addition. However, in its current state for the Modern Warfare 2 beta, it’s simply confusing. The way players have to go about unlocking weapons isn’t clear and the overall UI for the Gunsmith is clunky at best.

For example, in order to unlock the FSS Hurricane SMG, players have to do the following:

  • Rank the base M4 AR up to level 12
  • Equip the FTAC Recon Receiver
  • Rank the FTAC Recon up to level 16
  • Equip the FSS Hurricane Receiver

Essentially, players have to use two different weapons to unlock the Hurricane. This is not explained in the Gunsmith, and players have to navigate multiple screens to figure out this information. With the full build of MW2, we hope Infinity Ward can find a way to make the Gunsmith less convoluted while also making the UI easier to navigate.

Honorable Mentions

Some honorable mentions for things we want to see changed are:

  • Bring back the ability to cancel a reload by “YYing”
  • Decrease player footstep audio
  • Reduce the effectiveness of Flash and Stun Grenades
  • Make the slide cancel either possible or impossible (no middle ground where players can kind of slide cancel)

With enough luck, Infinity Ward will listen to community feedback and make some of these changes for the full release of Modern Warfare 2.

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