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A true staple of any Infinity Ward Call of Duty game is the Nuke killstreak; whether it’s called the Tactical Nuke, MOAB, KEM Strike, or something else, Infinity Ward’s titles have always had a Nuke killstreak. The studio’s last game, Modern warfare 2019, continued this trend, which made players believe a similar Nuke killstreak would be present in Modern Warfare 2. However, as of the multiplayer beta this weekend, there is no Nuke streak to earn.

This has been confirmed by multiple players who have gone on long gun streaks in the beta. In the past, the Nuke hasn’t been a killstreak that players can see from the official streak list. Instead, it’s a hidden streak that every player has access to. If players go on a 25 or 30 gun streak in multiplayer, they would earn the Nuke. Sometimes this would end the game and other times it wouldn’t be game-ending, but have a lasting effect on the match.

In the MW2 beta, several players have gone on both 25 and 30 gun streaks. At 30 kills in a row, players receive a medal called “Juggernaut,” which only states that the player achieved this killstreak; nothing more. FaZe Booya and KARNAGE Clan’s TheMarkOfAHero both performed this feat on the first day of the beta.

While there doesn’t appear to be a Nuke currently in Modern Warfare 2, players need to keep in mind that this is only a beta. The developers are still working on implementing content into the game before the full launch on Oct. 28. Although it’s worrisome to not see the Nuke present, there is still a good chance the streak makes it into the full game. Perhaps Infinity Ward doesn’t have the Nuke ready or they didn’t want to spoil its surprise during the beta. Either way, we’ll know the status of the Nuke when Oct. 28 arrives.

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