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One of the large barriers to entry for the Modern format is the price of fetch lands. These lands allow players in Modern to search out dual-color lands such as Overgrown Tomb or Hallowed Fountain, making two or three-color decks very easy to pull off. Due to how essential fetch lands are to multi-colored decks, their price is incredibly high. For example, a playset of Wooded Foothills is worth over $100 for just four land cards. Well, Wizards of the Coast may have found a way to make a budget alternative to these fetch lands with a new Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons spoiler: Prismatic Vista.

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Prismatic Vista

Prismatic Vista is the first ever fetch land designed to only fetch basic lands. It’s also worth noting that this is the only fetch land that can fetch a Wastes untapped. There are a lot of two-color decks that may look to Prismatic Vista as a way to fix their mana without dedicating tons of money to a playset of real fetch lands. Hopefully, Prismatic Vista will retain a low price point so that it can be a budget option for more money-conscious players.

However, the hope of a low price may be in vain due to the following:

  • Every Commander deck will want it. Whether they’re mono-colored, two-colored, or five-colored, this card provides land fixing, moderate deck thinning, and fuels graveyard strategies. Just due to the sheer size of the Commander community, Prismatic Vista is going to have high demand.
  • Wizards of the Coast printed this at rare. It’s a little bit outrageous, seeing as Prismatic Vista is simply an Evolving Wilds (a Common card) that doesn’t put the land it fetches into play tapped. Due to this rarity, Prismatic Vista will almost certainly have a higher price than it really should.

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