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Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons has been slowly previewed over the last week or so, and we are still getting spoilers! Today we got to see the end of the Morphling cycle, a new board wipe, and some interesting reprints. Let’s get into it!

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Big reveals

Dead of Winter: Our newest board wipe, the sheer power of this card may just be enough to make decks in Modern and Commander run Snow lands over normal basics!

Nether Spirit: A recursive threat that never goes away, this reprint is sure to be a new toy for black Modern decks.

Endling: Fittingly named, Endling is the end of the Morphling cycle of cards. Members of this cycle span multiple times and formats. Click to see where Endling may fit in!

Hall of Heliod’s Generosity: A leak more than a spoiler, this card will be great for enchantment decks in all formats or for decks that would like to keep one enchantment always on the field.

Additional Modern Horizons spoilers

Below, we’ve got a few more spoilers to share with you from today! (Translations courtesy of MTGSalvation.com)

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Let’s take a look at a couple of these additional Modern Horizons spoilers! On Thin Ice looks like a far, far more flexible version of Chained to the Rocks from Theros. Chain to the Rocks did the exact same thing that On Thin Ice does, except only for a mountain. Being able to have that effect on any snow land makes On Thin Ice the more versatile card, especially since running snow basics has no downside in most Modern decks. While not a slam dunk in the format, On Thin Ice could see play in control decks looking for a fifth Path to Exile. Maybe we’ll see some sort of enchantress-style deck, but that’s reaching a bit.

Crashing Footfalls is the other card that really stands out here. At its core, 1 mana for two 4/4s is a great rate, even if you have to wait a bit for them. But the real kicker is that it can be cheated into play with any Cascade card, As Foretold, or Electrodominance. It may not be fast enough for Modern, but it’s certainly a fair contender.

Stay tuned!

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