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MTG Modern Horizons spoilers have absolutely exceeded expectations today with some awesome new Modern additions. We’ve seen a new Sword of X/Y in the form of Truth and Justice, we’ve seen some new countermagic, and we even got a brand new planeswalker! Things are definitely starting to heat up. Let’s get right into it!

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Big Reveals

Wrenn and Six: The newest Planeswalker in Modern Horizons, Wrenn and Six is the second ever 2 mana planeswalker. Just how powerful can he be?

More Slivers!: Remember when we got a handful of new Slivers a couple of days ago, including the new First Sliver mythic? Well, the gang of creepy beings got another three new additions today. Read up on how Cloudshredder Sliver, Hollowhead Sliver, and Scuttling Sliver pay homage to some great classic cards!

Sword of Truth and Justice: The newest Sword of X/Y brings the long-awaited continuation of one of the game’s biggest cycles. These beloved equipment cards have been around for over a decade and we finally have some new additions.

Other Modern Horizons Spoilers

Alongside the above, we got several other MTG Modern Horizons spoilers today as well. Let’s take a look.

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Some of these cards, while they didn’t get their own posts, definitely deserve to be talked about. Firstly, Archmage’s Charm seems a little oddly cost. However, being able to hold up a counterspell, that also draws cards or steals a Death’s Shadow or Aether Vial if it needs to, isn’t weak in Modern. The mana cost is restrictive, but we have multiple decks already paying UUU for Cryptic Command. Maybe we’ll see a new Mono U Delver pop up with Force of Negation, Archmage’s Charm, and some other disruptive elements.

Secondly, Plague Engineer has some interesting possibilities in Modern. Most decks run at least some Human creatures, and in fact, Humans as a deck is pretty popular. Merfolk has been having a bit of a come-back as of late as well, and Slivers have gotten buffed immensely due to Modern Horizons. It wouldn’t be surprising if Plague Engineer saw some Modern play against these strategies.

Stay Tuned!

Daily Esports is here to keep you caught up on all the Modern Horizons news, so be sure to keep an eye on our MTG page! If you missed any spoilers from past days, be sure to check them out below:

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