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Modern Horizons has been an absolute smash hit so far, and we’ve only seen a part of what’s to come! Today we’ve been introduced to a new Bear legendary, an awesome artifact, and so much more. Let’s get into the day’s awesome Modern Horizons spoilers!

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Big Reveals

Ayula, Queen Among Bears: Ayula is exactly what she sounds like, a powerful legendary bear with classic bear stats. She’ll be a big player in bear Commander decks going forward.

Alter of Dementia: This old-school artifact is infamous for the infinite loops it often enables, who knows what havoc it could wreak in Modern?

Mox Tantalite: This new ‘fixed’ Mox is interesting and has quite the drawback, but could it still see Modern play? Free mana is free mana!

Force of Rage: Probably the most disappointing of the Force cycle, let’s see why.

Cloudshredder Sliver: Another Sliver got spoiled later in the evening, you can find it along with some new addition from May 24 here.

Other Modern Horizons Reveals

As usual, we’ve got a few more cards that got previewed today. Check them out below!

Generous Gift, MTG, Modern Horizons, spoilers Splicer's Skills, MTG, Modern Horizons, spoilers Bazaar Trademage MTG Modern Horizons Spoilers Changeling Outcast Modern Horizons Spoilers Umezawa's Charm Pyrobhobia Ravenous Giant Ayula's Influence Glacial Revelation Mother Bear, Modern HorizonscloudShredder Sliver Goatnap Feaster of Fools GenesisZhalfirin Decoy

As always, a few of these really stand out. First, Umezawa’s Charm is an awesome tribute to the infamous Umezawa’s Jitte. While this charm isn’t particularly Modern playable, it really goes to show the raw power of Jitte being an artifact that could activate multiple of the Umezawa’s Charm effects per turn. Absolutely bonkers strong! We should probably be glad that Jitte is not Modern legal.

Second, Ayula’s Influence is just such a cool card. It allows you to turn idle lands in your hand into free 2/2 bears with flash, which is pretty insane. Alongside Life from the Loam, it creates a slow, persistent engine that churns out 3 bear tokens per turn. While many are not sure it’ll see much play due to how slow it is, the combo is a really neat interaction.

Additional News!

Alongside all these Modern Horizons spoilers, Wizards of the Coast announced a new free giveaway code for MTG Arena today! The code is part of a promotion for War of the Spark Chronicles, a story based event on MTG Arena that has some pretty nice rewards for the players.

Stay Tuned!

We’re not even halfway through Modern Horizons spoiler season and things are still getting interesting! Keep up to date on all the latest news with our MTG news page. If you missed the prior days of coverage, you can catch all of the daily rundowns below:

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