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Misfits Gaming announced the team signed Fortnite player Zach “Spades” Gifford. Before Misfits, Spades played for Team Overtime. After the World Cup, the two parted ways. Now, Spades joins his competitive teammate Cody “Clix” Conrod on Misfits. The move benefits both Spades and Misfits. The player receives a much deserved top-tier contract, and the team gets a great, respectful player. Spades has been around the competitive Fortnite scene since the FNPL days. He played in the Winter Royale finals back in December of 2018. Then he qualified for the Fortnite World Cup as a duo with Jordan “Crimz” Herzog. The duo finished 17th overall at the largest Fortnite tournament to date. Now, Spades, Clix, and Crimz play trios in the Fortnite Champion Series.

Starting off FNCS on top

Spades, Crimz, and Clix came together shortly before the Fortnite Champion Series began. The trio remained relatively quiet as a team. Then in Week 1, the trio claimed first overall in NA East. They kept consistent in the final round with multiple wins and eliminations. After Week 1, the trio could have lightened up on practice but continued to grind. Each week thus far, Spades, Crimz, and Clix have finished within the top 100 teams. Overall, the trio sits in third place for Series Points. In a very competitive region, this team can compete with the best.

Misfits continues to grow Fortnite roster

In addition to Spades, Misfits Gaming recently brought in four new European Fortnite players. Three of the players, Ares, Osmo, and Kylix, play trios together. The other player signed is Endretta. All four players are among the best in Europe. All four players qualified for the Fortnite Champion Series Season Finals that take place at the end of September. Ares, Osmo, and Kylix sit at 12th overall and Endretta’s team is 11th. Both trios look to capture the competitive tournament title.

Additionally, Misfits Gaming already had two players in North America. One was mentioned above, Clix. The other players is ops. Clix exploded onto the scene and still remains a top player. He also streams his content for fans. On the other hand, ops is a much quieter player. He continues to compete in tournaments. He is a great player in his own respect and should qualify for the Season Finals.